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Fitness virtuoso Bizzie Gold unveils her first studio, the new home of her celeb-tested workout, Buti. 

A fit (and pregnant) Bizzie Gold shows off her chic new studio, The Butik, which aims to empower others through workouts and customized nutrition plans.

Bizzie Gold is a force of positive energy. The creator of Buti—a workout method combining tribal dance, plyometrics and yoga—embodies her own fitness mantra of confidence and health. Now, two years after bestowing Buti upon celebrity clientele like Julia Roberts and Jennifer Love Hewitt, she is springing her fitness superpowers on the masses with her first studio, The Butik.

But Gold wasn’t always so energetic, particularly when her power yoga routine proved no match for the 55 pregnancy pounds she put on. Gold incorporated plyometrics and yoga moves in her classes to shed the weight, but it was a spontaneous bout of dancing during a yoga class that would birth the big epiphany. “I just went with it,” she says. “Within three weeks my classes had grown exponentially. People were saying, ‘I don’t know what that was, but it was the most amazing class I’ve ever taken.’” And now, the golden girl, currently pregnant with her second child, has got herself a studio, The Butik.

Located in Santa Monica, the space offers tailored small-group and private classes designed by the fitness mastermind herself. “Our goal is to have four groups of five members that like to work out together, and we match them based on similar goals,” says Gold. And though men are always welcome, Buti, the Marathi word meaning a cure for something beneath the surface, aims to empower and motivate women.

Monthly memberships (from $850 to $2,500) include meal plans and nutritional consultations, with information about the grain- and dairy-free Buti diet, plus related extras like pantry cleanout and personal chefs. Gold even has a recommended list of wellness practitioners at the ready. After all, she says, “We really want a clear picture of how we are going to attack nutrition and workouts, and to make sure we are tailoring the program to get results the fastest. Not everyone’s body works the same way.” True, but with The Butik, everybody can feel just as healthy and confident as its creator. Now that’s Gold. 1514 17th St., Santa Monica, 310.315.7300,