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Snapshotworthy city moments, captured!


Royce Hall

UCLA’s fabled basketball program has long called Westwood home, but it was a woodwind, not the hardwood, that drew droves to campus on Dec. 23. And it was Woody—Allen, that is—who stole the show. The man of many talents took the stage at Royce Hall for an evening of Louisiana-inspired tunes. Woody Allen and His New Orleans Jazz Band wowed the crowd with Dixieland revelry and its namesake’s deft clarinet skills. For more than 35 years, the band’s been doing just that, though the Royce performance hit particularly close to home. In a city enamored by Allen’s creations, fans scored a look at the filmmaker’s musical side. So did photographer Mark Davis, who snapped this shot of the ensemble. As some of the final notes echoed throughout the venue, an outpouring of applause commanded an encore. Truly a “Hollywood ending.”