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Talk about setting the mood. 



Grand Avenue, Los Angeles

Before the Champagne-fueled excess that was this year’s MOCA YESSSSS! gala, the museum treated invitees to a reception and private preview of the exhibition Urs Fischer, the first major museum retrospective of the Swiss artist’s work in the United States. Here, guests got a firsthand look at Fischer’s prolific oeuvre and the way he “stretches the possibilities of physical objects,” as his London gallerist Sadie Coles put it in last month’s issue of Angeleno. “It reminded me of La Biennale in Venice,” says photographer Donato Sardella, who managed to capture a slice of Fischer’s world in a way that encapsulates the artist’s madness and genius at once. “I have shot art in the past and this is the way it’s supposed to be documented,” adds Sardella. “You have to show the entire scene.”