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As the rest of the country braced for a seasonal shift, balmy Beverly Hills embraced an unusual kind of white-out.


Rodeo Drive

The world’s most illustrious street lent its sacred pavement to Dîner en Blanc, an exclusive worldwide dinner series. The somewhat clandestine event (its details were known to few) shut down the iconic shopping strip. Tour buses and Maseratis gave way to a posh picnic—a spectacle worthy of its 90210 status. Basking in the all-white glow, photographer Doug Hac captured this fleeting moment with a Canon 5D Mark III. “No one knew where the location would be until one hour before the event started,” recounts the lensman of the event’s element of surprise. “From the outfits to the tablecloths and balloons, this was a real party!” One absolutely well played.