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Declaration of Warwick

At Hollywood’s hottest new lounge, success is in the ingredients.

Damian Windsor (left) and Jason Bran emphasize tableside craft cocktails.


This isn’t your kid sister’s club. Warwick, L.A.’s newest hot spot, is shaking up the Hollywood scene in more ways than one. The immense, warehouse-like space—part craft-cocktail bar, part swanky lounge—is the brainchild of well-connected event planner Jeffrey Best and nightlife impresarios Sylvain Bitton and JT Torregiani. Together, they’ve created a new species of nightclub, including the game-changing tableside cocktail bottle service.

Three blazing fireplaces, tufted leather couches, vases of fresh white roses and camellias, fine art adorning the exposed brick walls, an eclectic soundtrack and cathedral chandelier lighting create an ambience that looks more like a socialite’s New York City penthouse than a thump-thump club. But the real innovation is the drink menu. Standard bottle service found at clubs worldwide usually consists of a bottle of vodka, cranberry juice and Red Bull. At Warwick, they give you the chance to be a rock-star mixologist for the night.

Bartenders Jason Bran and Damian Windsor (both formerly of The Roger Room) have created a bottle-service menu featuring DIY tableside craft cocktails utilizing premium spirits, a feat—they say—that has never been seen before in a high-volume, club setting.

In fact, the Tableside Cocktail Service, as it’s billed, is so elaborate that Bran and Windsor show up six to 10 hours before the doors open to prep and juice the fruit and create the handmade mixers, all in an adjacent room known as the Warwick Workshop.
But not to worry: Spiffy bartending skills aren’t required to mix up drinks for your friends. “It’s designed to be a foolproof experience, requiring only two to three steps max to make a craft cocktail,” Windsor says.

For example, the Moscow Mule tableside cocktail, a two-step process, comes with a bottle of vodka of the guest’s choice, a soda siphon mixture of specially crafted Moscow Mule components and draft ice. Other tableside cocktails include the mojito, paloma and the Blackberry Buck (recipe above).

At most clubs, if you’re a premium whiskey or scotch spirit drinker and want bottle service, “you’re outta luck,” according to Bran. Not at the Warwick. Served with a Cirrus Ice Ball Press that sculpts ice tableside, Bernheim Wheat Whiskey and 25-year-old Macallan Sherry Oak are just a couple of their unique brown-spirit offerings.

Special requests are welcome with at least a week’s advance notice. Say you want a tableside, easy-to-make Manhattan featuring 20-year-old Pappy Van Winkle? The Warwick team is on it. And if you don’t finish the bottle, they’ll hold on to it until you return for your next night on the town. Warwick, 6507 W. Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, 323.460.6667,