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Lady of the Manners

Etiquette is more than knowing which fork to use.

Lisa Gaché

“It’s the GPS for navigating life,” shares expert and founder of Beverly Hills Manners Lisa Gaché, whose first book, 24 Karat Etiquette ($23, Skyhorse Publishing), addresses surviving the shark-infested waters of the entertainment business.

Dispensing serious advice along with a dose of humor, the tome covers matters concerning everything from regifting to the red carpet. But even Gaché—reared in both Beverly Hills and in New York, married to an entertainment lawyer and in possession of firsthand knowledge—fesses up to imperfections. “I didn’t grow up with this information,” she reveals. “I didn’t write my first thank-you until I got married.” In fact, it was the birth of her children that sparked Gaché’s interest in etiquette and led to the launch of her enterprise, which educates clients in the ways of good conduct.

When asked to divulge her most important piece of advice, the quick-to-respond Gaché, who honed her expertise at The Protocol of Washington, minds her manners: “I always come back to people acknowledging one another and taking the time to smile or just say a simple ‘thank you.’ If that changed, the world would be a better place.” That’s the polite way of putting it, of course.