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Star Of Tomorrow

Britt Robertson hits it big with headlining turns in two new films.

Britt Robertson

“It seemed like fate,” says Britt Robertson of playing Angie McAlister on CBS’ hit adaptation of the Stephen King opus Under the Dome, which is filmed in North Carolina and set in fictional Chester’s Mill. “I mean, I’m from Chester, S.C.,” she says, having lived in the small town as a toddler, before moving to Greenville. The 23-year-old newcomer also stars as one of Vince Vaughn’s offspring in this month’s comedy Delivery Man and recently landed the highly coveted (though somewhat mysterious) leading role opposite George Clooney in 2014’s Tomorrowland. “I instantly started crying,” she says of learning the news. “[As] my grandmother said, ‘This is a life-altering moment.’ It’s one of those things that never happens to people, and it happened to me.” References to her father’s mother are both endearing and understandable—after all, it was she who moved with Robertson away from her six younger siblings to help the then-16-year-old pursue her dream in L.A. “It was hard for two small-town people to figure out how to make it in Hollywood,” she says of relocating—though once she got started, she couldn’t stop. “I wanted to hit the ground running and start pumping out auditions. Even if I knew I wasn’t right for the part, I would go in so I could get used to auditioning. That was the hardest part for me—walking into an audition and having people judge every single choice that I made. For a young girl, or anyone really, that sort of pressure is a lot to take after a while,” she says. Handling fame with the same self-deprecating sense of awareness, when Robertson is asked if she’s ready for stardom, she insists, “[Tomorrowland] won’t change my life. For other people, I guess, it’s one of those game changers. Like, ‘Maybe she can now work for a little longer than we thought she would.’” Or maybe it’s just another twist of fate.