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Rooted in Nature
By Katie Shapiro | February 23, 2015

The word rask in Danish means good health, wellness and energy–which is exactly what designer Scott Seale conveys through his line of fine jewelry of the same name, which also honors his Scandinavian ancestry. But his biggest inspiration is found...

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You Got This, Girl
By Cindy Hirschfeld | February 23, 2015

When champion freeskier Alison Gannett started her steep skiing camps for women 12 years ago, she recalls, “Marketing people said, ‘How many women are going to want to come and jump off cliffs?’” The answer: enough to often...

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Encore Performance
Linda Hayes | February 23, 2015

This is a return engagement for you at The Little Nell. Why did you leave the first time around? And, more importantly, what inspired your return?
Being chef here was something I really wanted to do, but 13 years ago, I wasn...

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All That Glitters
By Barbara Platts | February 23, 2015

Stepping through the ash-wood door marked “private” in downtown Aspen’s Caribou Alley, which is flanked by Caribou Jewelers on one side and Fendi on the other, is one of Aspen’s most coveted experiences. To even get past coat...

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Ready to Roll
Styling by Eric Niemand | February 23, 2015

Shot on location at Ashcroft and the Pine Creek Cookhouse
Hair and makeup by Ingeborg at MC2 Creative using NARS and Rene Furterer Hair Care
Model: Jason Bowen...

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Aging Actively
By Naomi Havlen, Cindy Hirschfeld, Allison Johnson, Allison Patillo and Barbara Platts | February 23, 2015

We Aspenites value our ability to get outdoors and ski, snowshoe, run, bike, hike or practice any other means of enjoying our one-of-a-kind mountain setting. But though it’s easy...

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Gear Sneak Peek
By Cindy Hirschfeld | February 19, 2015

1. Fischer Profoil Ski Skins
These new skins eschew traditional mohair or synthetic plush for lightweight polyethylene etched in a fish-scale-like pattern. In addition to...

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Perfect Pastas
By Laurel Miller | February 18, 2015

1. Lobster Carbonara
Yes, it will max your cholesterol intake for the month, but this dish from talented Executive Chef Kathleen Crook is worth every decadent bite. A tangle of housemade tagliatelle is tossed with Parmigiano-...

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Generation Go-Getter
By Leah Fielding, Trina Ortega, Barbara Platts, Katie Shapiro and Tess Weaver | February 13, 2015

Aspen’s millennials rarely play by the rules. Whereas grads usually scurry off to cities, polished résumés in hand and fancy work attire on, hoping to scrounge up any possible...

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V-Day, For Play...
By Barbara Platts | February 6, 2015

1. Valentine’s Spa Package at True Nature, Feb. 14
Invite your significant other to a triple-treat experience at True Nature. Stretch out first with a yoga class,...

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Exhibit A(spen)
By Misty Milioto | January 30, 2015

1. Aspen Art Museum
While the new Shigeru Ban-designed Aspen Art Museum building is reason enough to visit, several winter exhibits should also be on your radar. Nick Relph'...

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Intoxicated by History
By Barbara Platts | January 23, 2015

1. The Red Onion was a well-known jazz club in the 1950s. Billie Holiday was among the musicians to play there.

2. The Red Onion’s original tile floor was removed when the restaurant was going to...

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