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Roger That
Rebecca Kleinman | August 22, 2014

Like LeBron James, Derek Jeter, Peyton Manning and Tiger Woods, Roger Federer’s popularity has gone beyond the playing field—or, in his case, the tennis court. And it’s easy to see why. First consider his accolades: He held the No. 1 position for 302...

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Fresh Direction
Cinzia Gaglio | August 19, 2014

1. Tomatoes
“August is the best time to enjoy a juicy heirloom tomato. I like to sprinkle them with flakes of sea salt and a fine extra-virgin olive oil, so as not to overpower their natural flavor. Simple and delicious.”...

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A Life Exotic
TR Pescod | August 13, 2014

Who designed this magnificent house, and did you work with the architect?
Giancarlo Giangola: The house was designed by Smith-Miller + Hawkinson in NYC. We found the house when it was nearly complete, and as a result, we weren...

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The Real Price of Fashion
Bill McCuddy | August 13, 2014

Back off, Joan Rivers. Leave me alone, Tim Gunn.

I have a fashion confession.

I shop at a very exclusive Hamptons enclave. Some may not approve, even though many of the biggest names end up there.

Yep, it’s...

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American Idol
Blythe Danner | August 13, 2014

Blythe Danner: First of all, I want to say how thrilling it was for me to sit next to you at the Quaker George School when we were in high school, and I only wish that more of your brilliance had rubbed off on me!
Meredith Monk:...

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Colors of the East End
Eric Striffler | August 12, 2014

Beyond the expected sentiments of passion, happiness, tranquility, melancholia and even an aristocratic attitude, color speaks to our need for well-being. It’s used as therapy, as a basis to read auras, and its influence even extends to...

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A Natural (Urban) Woman
Hal Rubenstein | August 12, 2014

Because her 7 Easy Pieces collection redefined the way a modern urban woman dresses; because her 15-story-high billboard in Soho not only branded retail’s most recognizable acronym—DKNY—but cemented the connection to her and...

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Editor's Letter: Gray Matters
Cristina Cuomo | August 12, 2014

Perhaps it started in studio art class in college, when I tried my hand at painting and, in an attempt to mix colors to copy my favorite Matisse painting, “Blue Nude,” I discovered gray was the sum total of all the...

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A-List Activist
Cristina Cuomo | August 8, 2014

Five years ago, celebrated actress and Montauk mother-of-two Julianne Moore put her talents to use by championing Children’s Health Fund, a nonprofit with 50 mobile medical clinics that provide preventative care and treatment for chronic conditions to...

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Smooth Going
By Kathryn Maier | August 1, 2014

1. Blade
In conjunction with Liberty Helicopters, this app lets you grab a single seat on a helicopter to the Hamptons (they have landing pads in Southampton, East Hampton and Montauk) with...

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Still Tasty After All These Years
Gael Greene | Photography by Daniel Gonzalez | July 30, 2014

For me, returning to Nick & Toni’s in East Hampton is like going home. It’s where I count on getting a...

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