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Editor's Letter August 2013
Cristina Cuomo | July 31, 2013

She tackles other, bigger topics too, related to health, science and child-rearing, and also shares her thoughts on simple things, like the size of your ice cream bowl as it relates to overserving—and, subsequently,...

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Slow Down Summer
The Editors | July 31, 2013

Each drop of sandy clam butter or sweet peach juice reminds us that all of our senses are exploding more intensely this month in the true heat of the summer. This special season was heralded by the solstice, a term derived from the Latin sol (sun) and...

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The Aphrodisiacal Illusion
Gael Greene | July 31, 2013

Science says there are no aphrodisiacs, except Spanish fly. And that can kill you. Still, amateur scientists, bloggers, nutritionists and fabulists promote various candidates: black truffles, powdered rhinoceros horn, ginseng, buttered...

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At Close Range
The Editors | July 31, 2013

Ross Bleckner: I want to congratulate you on your show in Guild Hall. What is this one?
Chuck Close: This one has watercolor prints I’ve been making. New color tapestries and a couple of black-and-white tapestries. Felt-oil stamp drawings...

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The Pen, The Brush & The Bat
Tom Clavin | July 31, 2013

Cain and Abel. Lee and Grant. Mickey and Willie. And add to some of the greatest rivalries ever: The Artists vs. the Writers. Huh? Okay, a teensy overstatement. However, for 65 years, softball teams consisting of some of the more well-...

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Joy of Beach Cooking
The Editors | July 31, 2013

Daniel Boulud’s Tai Snapper Ceviche with Persian Cucumber, Tapioca Pearls and Dill Oil
Serves 6

For Tai Snapper Ceviche
½ cup kosher or rock salt
¼ cup sugar

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Good News Travels Fast
Martha McCully | July 31, 2013

 “Have you seen the car?” is Emily Mortimer’s way of saying, “Take a look at our under-the-radar way of life in Amagansett.” Indeed, the near-clunker says it all. Parked in the gravel-and-grass driveway of her...

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Lovely & Delicious
Laura Euler | July 31, 2013

It’s a bright, warm afternoon in Southampton. The scent of lilac and lily of the valley hangs heavily in the air. Inside a spare gray house, a ruggedly gorgeous male model is setting out salads and tabbouleh in chunky marble bowls on a thick...

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Summer Lovin’
Lauren Bradford | July 29, 2013

East Hampton Point
This resort overlooking Three Mile Harbor includes an exceptional contemporary American cuisine. East Hampton Point boasts top-of-the-line meat and seafood, where you can indulge on their patio deck while enjoying the...

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