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Flights of Imagination
Ross Bleckner | July 30, 2014

Ross Bleckner: You were primarily a portrait artist, but recently switched to sculpture. Why?
Adrian Nivola: In portraiture, since you’re dealing with other people—your impression of their...

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The Method to Metamorphosis
Tracy Anderson | July 30, 2014

Transformation. Metamorphosis. Self-empowerment.

These are career-long obsessions as I strive to help people become their best selves. Rather than fitness fads or yo-yo dieting, my method is based on scientific research, and my...

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Whine Tour
Karen Bergreen | July 30, 2014

I love a good family vacation. So do the husband and kids. Of course, we all have different ideas of the perfect trip: I long to backpack in South Africa while a guide holds my things and every so often passes around hors d’oeuvres. My kids would love to install...

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Editor's Letter: July 30-Aug. 12, 2014
Cristina Cuomo | July 30, 2014

To that end, short stories, one-act plays, poems and book excerpts are the ingredients of this issue’s delicious Fictionist pie (as we like to think of it), in which we’ve mixed irony, a little soul-...

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Third Degree with… Anthony Bourdain
The Editors | July 30, 2014

Which six iconic figures would be at your dream dinner party?
Orson Welles; actress Louise Brooks; British intelligence officer Kim Philby, who was actually a KGB spy; Ava Gardner; Iggy Pop; and movie...

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Boyhood Dreams
Cristina Cuomo | July 29, 2014

When I met Ethan Hawke 20 years ago, he was a freewheeling young guy with a love of life, writing (his first novel, The Hottest State, was already in the works), muscle cars, Bob Dylan records and deep late-night conversations at the West Village...

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Shooting the Waves
Interview by Leif Engstrom | July 18, 2014

Leif Engstrom: How did you become interested in photography?
Justin Burkle: When I was growing up, my father, who worked for an airline, always had cameras around. My brothers and I would take offshore...

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Shooting Stars
Interview by Lisa Perry | July 18, 2014

Lisa Perry: In 30 years, who were the most memorable people that you photographed?
Jonathan Becker: I don’t know why, but I always think of Dr. Kevorkian. There were two assignments. The first was when...

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Girl Most Likely
Interview by Kelly Ripa | July 18, 2014

Kelly Ripa: I’m so excited you’re at Guild Hall!
Marlo Thomas: I am too! And I can’t wait for you to see this play; you’re going to love it.

I can’t wait, either....

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The Avant-Guardian
Interview by Ross Bleckner | July 18, 2014

Ross Bleckner: You’re one of the few artists people call ‘avant-garde.’ What do you make of that?
Robert Wilson: All of my work, even if you don’t think of it that way, is...

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