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Colors of the East End

As the centerpiece of our Color Issue, we present photographer Eric Striffler's multihued capture of our beloved Hamptons. 

“Red is bold, strong and the most eye catching to me as a photographer. Within the context of my field of view, red speaks first.”

The glowing exterior of the Sag Harbor movie theater

Beyond the expected sentiments of passion, happiness, tranquility, melancholia and even an aristocratic attitude, color speaks to our need for well-being. It’s used as therapy, as a basis to read auras, and its influence even extends to the gods—in Hindu astrology, the seven colors of the spectrum represent the seven rays of the deities and their designated powers.

These variegated rays shine bright on the vibrantly hued landscape of our cherished Hamptons. In honor of our Color Issue, we present a portfolio from Sag Harbor-based photographer Eric Striffler, who has captured the prismatic emotions that encapsulate the East End’s exuberance.