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Editor's Letter July 2013

Playing sports with the kids is this parent’s dream. Here I am riding with Bella, my 10-year-old, at Rose Hill Horse Farm in Bridgehampton.

Day’s end at the Montauk Yacht Club after sweet Ireland Basinger Baldwin’s cover shoot with Albert Reed for Beach’s Surf &
Sport issue

With all memory and fate driven
deep beneath the waves/
Let me forget about today until tomorrow.”

—“Mr. Tambourine Man” by Bob Dylan

I took up surfing last summer when my 7-year-old son, Mario, developed such a passion for it that I found myself wading out into the ocean long after surf camp was over to coax him out, but instead ended up following him deeper into the waves. Sometimes hours would go by, and I was much the worse for wear. But the bond was strengthening, and one day I asked Mario why he liked it so much. “When I’m on a wave I feel like I’m flying,” he said. After that, I signed up for my first lesson so we could surf together.

I soon realized that, when I’m surfing, the frenetic nature of motherhood and professional life simply fade in the wake of my board. There are no rules. Learning to ride—learning to wait for a good wave, the right wave—at my age has been more exhilarating and brought more tranquility than I could ever have imagined.

Happily, in this, our Surf & Sport issue, some of the best surfers in the world—including Kelly Slater and Bruce Irons—explain this quest so much better than I ever could. Turn to our “Thicker Than Water” and “Locals Only” features and you’ll see what I mean.

And since life’s about searching for that just-right wave—or moment, or person—we also have another heartfelt Hamptons “meet cute” (à la Rufus Wainwright’s love story in last month’s debut issue). And believe me, these tales aren’t easy to find! In this installment, novelist Robert Reeves shares how he found and fell for his wife on, of all things, a Jitney ride to Manhattan. When you read this, you’ll understand why I love my job.

If, in this issue, we’ve captured even a sliver of life’s great moments, we’ve done what we always hope to do: bring you the essence of the beach. 

Dive in!