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Editor's Letter: July 30-Aug. 12, 2014

I believe that during this busy, overprogrammed summer life we lead, we need a well-rounded magazine to enjoy—one that not only distracts us with fun reads and great, eye-catching images, but also soothes, feeds and entertains our minds and souls with transporting flights of imagination.

To that end, short stories, one-act plays, poems and book excerpts are the ingredients of this issue’s delicious Fictionist pie (as we like to think of it), in which we’ve mixed irony, a little soul-baring intimacy and a dash of hilarity to create some intellectual and artistic nourishment that’s both sweet and savory.

We also provide nourishment of a different sort this month, with our theme of, simply: food.

When you think about it, intellectual and culinary fare go hand in hand. I’m reminded of this at home every evening as I steer my avid little readers reluctantly toward a healthy dinner plate (but not too healthy—it is summer, after all, and Mister Softee must live around the corner because I sometimes hear his jingle in my sleep). As Dinah Fried writes in Fictitious Dishes, excerpted in this issue, “Reading and eating can energize you or put you to sleep. Some of my favorite meals convey stories of origin and tradition; as a voracious reader, I devour my favorite books.”

We hope to have captured some of the East End’s finest morsels in Gael Greene’s dual restaurant review, for example; in the food-focused essays by entertaining guru Cornelia Guest, architect Campion Platt and comedian Ali Wentworth; and in our Third Degree column, this month starring quick-witted, globe-trotting master chef Anthony Bourdain.

Now, back to chapter three of Charlotte’s Web with my son, Mario, then onto a good bowl of glutenous pasta with pesto made from the basil in our own garden.

Read on.

—Cristina Cuomo

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