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Cinzia Gaglio, chef and co-owner of Osteria Salina (95 School St., Bridgehampton,, names her favorite seasonal ingredients for a light summer meal.

1. Tomatoes
“August is the best time to enjoy a juicy heirloom tomato. I like to sprinkle them with flakes of sea salt and a fine extra-virgin olive oil, so as not to overpower their natural flavor. Simple and delicious.”

2. White Peaches
“Peaches and wine have always reminded me of many lazy summers spent in Italy. I peel four or five white peaches, remove the pits, slice them and place them in a glass pitcher. Then I pour in a bottle of Macari rosé, refrigerate and let steep for 2 to 3 hours.”

3. Zucchini Flowers
“I enjoy using zucchini flowers in a frittata with sweet sungold cherry tomatoes. Scramble four to six large eggs in a pan with olive oil; add the sungolds, blossoms and fava beans; and salt and pepper as desired. Top the pan with a lid and cook on low heat—steam will continue to help cook the frittata without burning the bottom. Once cooked, place a plate over the pan and invert it, and then slice it as a pie.”

4. Clams
“Clamming on Long Island reminds me of my childhood, spending countless hours raking the sand to collect clams while my dad was catching striped bass. Shuck clams and line in aluminum foil and grill over a moderate to low flame. In a pan, sauté olive oil, minced garlic, salt and crushed red pepper; crush crostini and toss, adding chopped fresh oregano. Then top each clam with the crushed crostini.”