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The Kid Stays in the Picture

Mikey DeTemple is a jack-of-all-water-trades. A pro surfer by age 16—he went on to win four East Coast Surfing Champion titles—DeTemple also has a passion for photography and filmmaking, the latter of which he has indulged by directing seafaring-inspired short films for Olympus, Jack Spade and Vogue, as well as the 2011 award-winning long-form surf film Sight/Sound. Here, the Montauk resident shares some of the memorable shots he captured during his global excursions in search of the next great wave.

Montauk, NY

“This is my favorite photo of my fiancée and muse, Lisa Myers. I love the contrast between the reeds, the sky and her hair.”


San Diego, CA

“Chris Christenson has been shaping my surfboards for almost 10 years. Here he’s fine-tuning my signature model called the Flat Head. He’s a true craftsman.”

Santa Barbara, CA

“Santa Barbara’s harbor has one of the best contrasts: mountains, masts and the ocean.”

Hofn, Iceland

“Surf exploration in this area of the world is still a new frontier. You can drive down one of these volcanic black-sand beaches for an entire day looking for waves. Sometimes you get lucky.”

Los Angeles, CA

“This is from one of those days where you check every surf spot from Malibu to Santa Barbara. Each one is almost doing it and you end up going on a wild goose chase.”

Water Mill, NY

“During this winter’s polar vortex, the Mecox Bay Ice Boat Club was out racing their ice yachts. Pictured here is a Bayport Scooter.”

Amagansett, NY

“Exploring the East End.”

Lake Tahoe, CA

“The neatest little pier with a cabin at the end of it.”

Channel Islands, CA

“I made it up to the second spreader on this climb to the top of the mast. There was still one more to go. I was terrified and could barely take the photo. You can see my friend, Chad, below, laughing
at me.”

York Harbor, ME

“Sea smoke over York Harbor. When the conditions are right, and the water is much warmer than the air, you get this sight at sunrise. It’s worth getting up in the below-freezing temperature to see.”

York, ME

“Lobster Shack. I can’t not take a photo of this every time I visit.”

Montauk Point, NY

“Lisa looks cool standing on anything—especially this rock.”

Montauk, NY

“Anything goes in the summer when you’re trying to get your longboards to the beach.”

Montauk, NY

“I love these old relics at the lighthouse. They remind me of being a kid and never being tall enough to look through the glass.”

Biarritz, France

“This is Tosh Tudor, son of surfing legend Joel Tudor, taking a photo with Surfer Magazine staff photographer Todd Glaser’s camera. It’s a funny little moment in surfing history.”

Montauk, NY

“Lisa checking out one of my favorite views of Montauk.”

Montauk, NY

“Hand-digging for clams is a rewarding, frequent summer-time activity.”

Monmouth, NJ

“The view through my good friend Tom Petriken’s Volkswagen Westfalia. He parks this thing at the beach, pops the top and that’s it. Home is where you park it.”

York, ME

“One of my favorite subjects is vintage metal. I’ve always loved old cars.”

Montauk, NY

“Photographer Bjorn Iooss inside an airstream. The Iooss family is amazingly talented.”

Undisclosed location, Northeast

“This was that moment when you have to drop everything you’re doing just to watch a wave peel across a sandbar. I’d like to keep the location of this little slice of heaven a secret because the two times I’ve seen it break in my lifetime, I’ve surfed it alone.”

Montauk, NY

“Sunrise at Montauk Point.”

Eastern Maine

“There’s nothing better than fall in Maine, sharing secluded waves with a few friends while staring at the pine trees on the beach.”

Biarritz, France

“The steps down to the sea at Castle Point.”

Vik, Iceland

“After driving in the rain for five hours, the sun poked through and revealed this rainbow. We pulled off the side of the road and jumped out of the car to watch. The wind must have been blowing 50mph. I’ve never seen a rainbow so close to the ground before. It was magical.”