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The Method to Metamorphosis

Tracy Anderson’s Method has won her legions of die-hard fitness devotees. As she brings her intensive ViTAlity Week workshop to the East End the week of Aug. 4 (903 Montauk Highway, Water Mill,, the star trainer gets down to brass tacks about shaping up for good.

“Stretching is great, but it’s not enough,” says Tracy Anderson, who shares her tips on bringing balance into your life and your workout.

Transformation. Metamorphosis. Self-empowerment.

These are career-long obsessions as I strive to help people become their best selves. Rather than fitness fads or yo-yo dieting, my method is based on scientific research, and my mission is to create balance where there’s imbalance.

To begin with, I encourage people to get genetic testing, so they can learn to work with what they’ve been given. Everyone possesses heritable factors that affect physical ability, but we’re in full control of what we subject our genes and bodies to.

Simply put, we can improve damaged cells in a natural way, through lifestyle changes. There really are no quick fixes, so forget about what celebrities do to slim down by Sunday. Forming a self-image based on celeb culture is nonsense. Instead of criticizing ourselves, let’s examine our naked bodies in the mirror and become aware of imbalances. Having a sense of awareness about how we operate will only help us as we implement new ways of thinking and behaving to create meaningful, lasting change.

The first step is a literal one: Hop on the scale when you get out of bed in the morning, every morning.

Step 2: Remember that discipline, focus and patience are all crucial. You have to get into a rhythm fueled by knowledge, not gimmicks.

Step 3: Be consistent. It’s best to work out at the same time each day. The more you work at it, the more coordinated you’ll be.

And know that your age is irrelevant—why should you ever stop achieving? Especially as we grow older, it’s so important to focus on strengthening muscles. Stretching is great, but it’s not enough.

Step 4: To get the most out of a fitness session, bring on the heat. If you’re working out at home, use space heaters and humidifiers to crank it up. There are obvious differences between performing in a heated room and simply sitting in a sauna.

Step 5: While increasing performance will lead to an increased appetite, that doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want. Be sensible and maintain a balanced diet. (There’s no use in randomly cutting out food groups from your diet unless you’ve had a food sensitivity test conducted.)

Step 6: Let’s get real. What’s more of a pain in the ass: getting up, working out and seeing true results, or flipping through magazines, contemplating what diet trend to try and feeling out of balance and bad about yourself?

Doing it right frees you up. When you earn it, you own it—and live it.