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Gretchen Hackmann & Eric Adler
Lesley McKenzie | January 15, 2014

Babson College students Gretchen and Eric met days before his graduation and, hearts afire, began a three-year long-distance courtship. Eric later proposed in San Diego at his...

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Jamie Tobin & Scott Tiano
Laura Eckstein | January 15, 2014

Set up by mutual friends four and a half years ago, the couple’s initial happy hour meeting instantly blossomed into something special.

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Kate Agostinelli & Tim Sheets
Courtney Bowers | January 15, 2014

Kate and Tim met in San Diego while working at the same accounting firm and bonded over a “shared love of food, wine and sports.”

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Rachel & Nick
Laura Eckstein | January 8, 2014

Sometimes, family really does know best. Just ask fitness instructor Rachel Grace, whose new husband, real-estate director Nick Roberts, is a very good friend of her brother’s. It was only natural that, prior to pairing up permanently, the...

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Brianna & Steven
Laura Eckstein | January 7, 2014

With a relationship that’s spanned from Dallas to the Bay Area, it’s no surprise that Brianna Brackett and Steven Romanoff’s relationship experienced some bumps en route to the altar—but, the journey was worth it in...

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Ali & Brett
Jennifer Thornton | January 7, 2014

The night Brett Jordan met Ali Smith, he proposed... to make her homemade banana pancakes. And seven years later, he did, after an elaborate breakfast preparation produced the long-elusive short stack. After making a quick exit “for the syrup...

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Lisa & Ethan
Stacy Suaya | January 7, 2014

Lisa Bennett was thrown for a loop when her now husband, Ethan Casson, asked her to take a Friday off work, as their intense schedules (she works in the office of the CEO at Yahoo; he is a front office executive for the San Francisco 49ers) had always...

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Sarah & Brendon
Kelsi Maree Borland | January 7, 2014

Sarah Orzechowski and Brendon Urie can find each other in the dark—and in fact, they did. The pair first met in a dark Detroit concert hall, where Brendon’s alternative rock band—Panic! at the Disco, which he fronts...

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Strand & Deliver
Elise Hofer | January 7, 2014

David Yurman fans know and love the American jeweler for his effortlessly elegant designs, particularly his signature cable motif. For the line’s latest collection, Willow, Yurman was inspired by the bowing tree—...

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Amazing Grace!
Ashley Smith | January 6, 2014

After an incredible wedding ceremony and reception, I have to admit, I was a bit exhausted. Blissful and in love, but exhausted. So for the honeymoon, all I wanted to do was lay on a sugary white-sand beach with my new husband and unwind.


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