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Jaime Lee & Matt Cheesebro
By AnnaMaria Stephens | July 6, 2015

They met on an old-fashioned blind date—with a twist. “I was invited to a casual brunch,” says Jaime Lee, a real estate attorney. “Ten of our mutual friends...

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Allison Byrne & Christina Hoskins
By Jess Charmoli | July 6, 2015

A friendship turned into a full-fledged romance for Allison Byrne and Christina Hoskins after working together at Williams-Sonoma in San Francisco. Almost eight years later...

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Downtown Elegance
By Archana Ram | June 25, 2015

Wedding planner Krystel Tien of San Diego-based Couture Events has been styling SoCal nuptials since 2008, but this year she decided to bring her expertise to the fashion realm. In January she opened...

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Flights of Fancy
Styling by James Aguiar | June 25, 2015

Hair by Sacha Harford at Next Management using Oribe Hair Care
Makeup by Kim Weber using Diorskin
Prop styling by Chip Cordelli
Model: Christina Krumbach with Wilhelmina NY

Styling assistant: John...

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La Dolce Vita
By Laura Eckstein Jones | June 25, 2015

While most brides dream of a picture-perfect wedding, I always fantasized about an out-of-this-world honeymoon. After a monthlong trip through Europe in college, I caught the travel bug and, ever since, have spent more time than I’d...

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Classic Elegance
By Sari Anne Tuschman | June 25, 2015

“She said it was love at first sight. It took me a few years to catch on,” Tom jokes. They were juniors at Duke University when they officially became a couple, and three years later they got married. “I proposed to Jane...

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Epic Celebration
By Carita Rizzo | June 25, 2015

“When the Supreme Court made it legal to have a federally recognized [same-sex] marriage, I thought: Wonderful. We’ve been waiting for this moment. So in October, on our anniversary date, I proposed,” Mark recalls.


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School Ties
By Kelsi Maree Borland | June 25, 2015

They started dating after her high school graduation, and five years later, during a wine tasting outing in Temecula, Patrick got down on one knee and asked her for forever.

Brooke had her heart set on The Resort at Pelican Hill for years...

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Perfectly Cast
By Maile Pingel | June 25, 2015

And in August of 2013, Andrew proposed. “It was a total surprise,” recalls Amber of the engagement. The proposal, details of which the couple have kept private, involved family and friends, foreshadowing the way they would wed—...

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Archana Lannin & Ryan Austin
By Jess Charmoli | January 26, 2015

The Couple
Archana Lannin and Ryan Austin met at USC Law School orientation in 2009. As their fellow classmates engaged in small talk, the soon-to-be sweethearts were only interested in each...

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Carlotta Duncan & Dan Annan Jr.
By Jess Charmoli | January 26, 2015

The Couple
This lucky couple’s love story shows how two people can come together even when they are worlds apart. The bride, who has a lot of family in Australia, and the groom,...

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