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Clockwise from top left: Roses, mini calla lilies, Lady Slipper orchids, peonies, hanging amaranth and black scabiosa are corseted in gold ribbon.... More»

An eclectic mix of handmade African beads, cockscombs, sweet peas, orange tulips and white ranunculuses with tips dipped in hot pink paint, punctuated by... More»

Leslie Maynor-Anderson’s cake is a naturalistic vision in pink. “I wanted a rustic look rather than a polished creation,” says Maynor-... More»

The timeless look of a lace wedding gown inspired the design for Amy Berman’s cascading confection. Its three tiers are covered in intricately cut... More»

“I saw a pillow that had the same style of ombré band pattern and thought it would translate well onto a cake,” says Melody Brandon, pastry... More»