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Brian Dukerschein | July 7, 2014


Oak Street Beach

“Ordinarily, I like to get home as quickly as possible, but this was a rare day of good weather,” says documentary photographer and filmmaker Ronit Bezalel...

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To Dine For
The Editors and John Mariami, with Lesley Balla and John DeMers | July 2, 2014


Rose. Rabbit. Lie

Don't-Miss Dish Under Feast, plates meant to be shared, you’ll find oldschool classics...

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Mixing It Up
David Zivan | July 1, 2014

To understand the bold entry of Terlato Wines into the artisanal spirits market, it may be helpful to consider first the tequila: namely, Riazul, made entirely from blue agave. “We didn’t want to just have spirits,” says Bill Terlato, president and CEO of...

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The Road Less Traveled
Paul Rubio | July 1, 2014

Despite being the largest city in Baja California Sur, La Paz—the charming capital city of Mexico's 31st state, located two hours north of Los Cabos on the Sea of Cortez, which flaunts a similar sun-kissed marriage of desert and ocean surrounds...

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The 50 Finest
By Lisa Shames with Brian Dukerschein, David Hammond and Matt Lee | July 1, 2014

42 Grams
What 42 Grams—a prix fixe 18-seater from husband-and-wife team chef Jake Bickelhaupt and hostess/server Alexa Welsh—...

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Take Summer to the Streets
Devin Laux | June 26, 2014

1. Roscoe Village Burger Fest
What’s better than a juicy burger made just how you like it? Roscoe Village understands this, and its local Chamber of...

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Summer Gala Roundup
Jessie Sardina | June 19, 2014

1. Night Heist 
Don your most daring frock July 11 for an evening...

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Puppy Love
Aleksandra Bush | June 12, 2014

1. Bull and Bear
Take your pup out for a night on the town with Bull & Bear's half-price wine bottle Thursdays. Get cozy on the patio as you sip a 2010 Uppercut Cabernet—steal! But...

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Heavy Weight
Lisa Shames | Photography by Anthony Tahlier | June 5, 2014

To understand how intertwined the kitchen and front of the house are at 42 Grams, you need only to look at its name. Derived from the notion that the human soul...

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Urban Oases
Chiara Milioulis | June 5, 2014

1. 52Eighty
Chicago’s newest indoor/outdoor rooftop lounge is also its tallest, sitting 29 floors up in the MileNorth Hotel. 166 E. Superior St., 312.787....

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