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Uyen Tang introduces fashionistas to global trends, one gorgeous mouse click at a time.

Uyen Tang recently launched StyleCable, which introduces fashionistas to new and undiscovered global lines.

Uyen Tang has had a front seat to worldwide haute couture via a job with the United States Foreign Service. Each time she arrived home in DC, friends would ask where a fashion find originated—and those questions planted a seed, which soon became the DC-based startup StyleCable. The digital shopping platform—showcasing emerging designers—just held its launch party at tech incubator 1776. Tang explains her business niche and the exciting designers she unveils.

How does StyleCable work?
There are different sets of customers: consumers like you and me—and designers. When I shop, I find it difficult to find unique items. StyleCable curates everything and shows you things you can’t get anywhere else. For designers, they often don’t have a voice and a way to get noticed, so it gives them an additional sales channel.

Do you find the designers featured, or do they find you?
A little bit of both. They’re all women and entrepreneurs. Originally, we found them through our own personal network. We don’t just accept anyone on the site.

Which designers are you especially excited about?
Sophie Blake is a DC-based designer. And there’s Amy Lu. Her pieces are not sold anywhere else, so we’re the first. Each designer has her own unique story, and we can tell it.

What’s it like to be a fashion startup in DC?
It’s great because it’s such a small community. If I were in New York or San Francisco, it would be extremely competitive. Expenses are also cheaper in DC—I would have burned through so much more money in San Francisco by now!

For a night out, what’s your go-to style?
I always try to change it up, but my go-to tends to be basic black and then accessorizing. I suggest using a lot of metallic pieces. My personal style’s pretty edgy, so I’ll incorporate studs and spikes. Accessories really are the key to pulling the look together.