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The Jazz Orchestra at Bohemian Caverns set the mood for photographer Kate Warren and her “neuvo-1940’s” date with painter Martin Swift.  


Bohemian Caverns

The dapper duo turned up at the U street gem—the first spot in DC with its own in-house orchestra—mid-show and took the last seats in the house. From her perch, she used her Nikon D600 to snap this image, which could almost fool you into thinking it was taken mid-century. “Bohemian Caverns is special, because on Monday nights, it’s timeless,” Warren says of the 17-piece orchestra that plays a set of jazz standards every Monday night to a cool crowd of what Warren, of Go Kate Shoot, calls “one of DC’s most intimate and historic communities.” She muses, “the jazz notes curl around you as you walk down the stairs into the dark space, and it might as well be 1940 all over again."