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Since DeShaun Craddock hadn’t visited DC since he was a child, he wanted to check off the requisite National Mall charms on a gorgeous Sunday.


National Gallery of Art, East Building

But the pull of contemporary spaces is usually overwhelming to the New York City-based photographer, so he ducked into National Gallery of Art’s East Building. With his Nikon D600 in hand, Craddock photographed the modern space—but he was especially taken with the escalator’s sleek design. “I wanted the viewer’s eye to travel up the escalators,” he says. “The lines lead you through the scene. I also wanted to capture visitors at different points on the escalator. It wasn’t until I returned home that I got a good look at the images and realized the two people at the top appeared to be looking directly into the camera!” Black-and-white processing also delivered the desired depth Craddock hoped to achieve. “It adds a minimalist feel,” he says.