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Diva in the Details

Couturier to the stars, Patricia Gomez-Gracia has a way with women’s figures. After training under Alexander McQueen, the London-based fashion designer set out on her own, earning a long list of A-list fans. Now the gown goddess has set her sequined sights on DC with a new atelier. Patricia Gomez-Gracia, 10040 Falls Road, Potomac, Md., 301.802.5933, gomez-gracia.‌com

British designer Patricia Gomez-Gracia’s collection cuts for curves and accentuates them with gorgeous looks this winter.

How would you describe your line?
The collections are whimsical, feminine and modern. I design for women who feel confident and sophisticated. We really cut for curves. I’m Latin—I was born in Madrid, then grew up in Miami—so curves have always been part of my culture, and it’s important for me to design for real women.

What inspires your collections?
I visit Paris and meet with the fabric designers, and I choose fabrics that call to me. I use a lot of embroidery to build texture and intricate detailing.

Why did you open your first U.S. location in DC?
It’s a global melting pot with high-profile individuals and plenty of galas and black-tie events. My modern-classic style of smart daytime, cocktail and evening attire will tie in well with DC’s social calendar.

What trend are you seeing this winter?
Winter white is big for us. It symbolizes purity and serenity, whether you’re wearing a dress, coat or trousers. It’s fresh to wear a light, bright color when everybody wears dark. It’s crisp and refreshed.
What is your most iconic piece?
I would say the gown Carrie Underwood wore to the Grammys in 2012. InStyle voted it one of the best Grammy gowns of all time. It’s a silhouette we’ve carried on in all seasons—a long gown, with an open back and long sleeves.

What are your fashion resolutions?
I’d like to grow my collection to offer new silhouettes, and experiment with trim and accessories. We’ve also worked with several charities, including Becky’s Fund locally, and I would like to do more of that work.