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Prada’s new made-to-order shoe program takes on many hues.

Prada’s Made to Order Décolleté pumps in an array of colors

So much for toeing the line—Prada is stepping it up with a new service ensuring its footwear followers find the perfect fit this summer. Called Made to Order Décolleté, the program invites customers to do a little sole searching, allowing them to choose from nine different styles of pumps (pointed-toe, round-toe, platform, etc.), three heel heights, five materials and a wide array of brilliant shades. Even sole color is customizable and you can add your personal initials below the iconic Prada logo. Once an order is placed, expect an arrival of haute heels in about a month. That should give you plenty of time to make room in your closet, as something tells us one pair won’t suffice. Starting at $745 at select Prada boutiques