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Wear in the World

In her new book, stylist Lauren Rothman spills her secrets on clothes and the corporate ladder.

Lauren Rothman

Even as a studious English major at Colby College, Lauren Rothman couldn’t ignore the allure of fashion. Case in point: Her final project in her public speaking class was all about… shoes. “I brought in my best shoes,” recalls the stylist and soon-to-be author. “I’d spent part of my winter term in New York City and amazing shoes.”

Rothman, whose tome Style Bible: What to Wear to Work hits shelves next month, followed her heart after college to New York City for a career in fashion: interning at Elle, predicting the next big thing at a trend-forecasting company and fashion consulting for Fortune 100 companies. But when her personal life brought her to DC, she found an unfulfilled niche and, in 2006, launched Styleauteur, a company aimed at helping DC’s career-minded put their best foot (and outfit) forward.

“I work with men and women who recognize the importance their image plays in their professional lifestyle,” says Rothman, whose roster includes a number of DC’s bold-faced names and corporations. “They recognize that looking sloppy will not help them win an election.”

On any given day, Rothman can be found working with clients, leading seminars on work-appropriate attire or being interviewed on Entertainment Tonight, E! News and other style shows. But the English major in her always knew she wanted to turn her style expertise into a book.

“I want to change America one office runway at a time,” says Rothman, sounding like a politician running on a fashion platform. “What Style Bible is all about is trying to help people recognize that there’s value to your image.” And did that fashion-focused stump speech work all those years ago? “I nailed it,” she says. “I got an A.”

Rothman’s Hots
Fashion Police on E!, Luke’s Lobsters, drive-thru Starbucks, personalized Goyard bags

Rothman’s Nots
Congressional stalemate, oversized coats, skinterns, poor customer service