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Doing the District
By Ray Dennison & Evan Wetmore | November 19, 2015

While the center is filled with national designers making their Texas debuts—such as French-Italian sportswear brand Moncler, now open in this building—H-Town women’s shop Baanou...

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Heroine Chic
By Steve Jansen | November 19, 2015

Before becoming published authors with ardent readerships, Houston’s Laura Nolen and Jennifer Clark each started their working lives as buttoned-up professionals. Nolen, a Mississippi native, worked as an attorney for two years, while Taiwan-born Clark...

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Poised to Pounce
By Nate Chapnick | November 19, 2015

Jaguar is flexing its muscle. In the last year, the British brand has invested some $5 billion in research and development and in its manufacturing facilities. The fruits of these investments are seen in Jaguar’s reinvigorated lineup—the...

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The Hit List: Spa Season
By Alyssa Smith | November 18, 2015

1. Montrose’s new nail studio Dripped (1403 Westheimer Rd., 832.962.7841) offers manis and pedis with masques and bath salts made with...

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Helen of Joy
John DeMers | Photography by Shannon O’Hara | November 16, 2015

In the minds of many Americans, the ancient land of Greece—from its towering mountains and its dazzling islands to its millennia of golden achievements—is one giant gyro stand. That single street food, more a...

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The Hit List: Turkey Talk
By Robin Barr Sussman | November 16, 2015

1. Americas (2040 W. Gray St., 832.200.1492, and other location) serves a traditional Thanksgiving brunch buffet with a global twist from 10AM...

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Shooting Stars
By Jeff Gremillion | November 16, 2015

One could argue that this month’s Houston Cinema Arts Festival, Nov. 12 to 19 at MFA and other locales, takes a huge detour from the city—all the way to...

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The Spirit of Giving
By The Editors | November 11, 2015

Vivian Wise’s middle name is fashion, and her hair is pink! Okay, okay. Her middle name is Marie, but her hair really is pink. “It gives me super powers,”...

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The Hit List: Hot H-Town Eats
By Robin Barr Sussman | November 9, 2015

1. Foreign Correspondents (4721 Main St., 713.864.8424), the newest spot by the Treadsack restaurant group,...

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Wise Guy
By Steve Jansen | November 4, 2015

After getting his start in H-Town half a decade ago, Matthew Broussard, now 27 and based in L.A., has risen through the ranks, making appearances on NBC, Comedy Central and MTV2’s Guy Code. This month, he’ll add Houston’s...

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La Dolce Vita
By Laura Eckstein Jones | November 3, 2015

Prior to embarking on our first transatlantic trip together, my husband and I had a series of negotiations before we determined where to go. Finally, we were able to agree on a few musts: a beautiful place to relax; a place where we could explore...

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Moore Amore
By Ray Rogers | October 30, 2015

“I’m starving!” exclaims Julianne Moore after a late morning yoga session as she settles in at her favorite table in a West Village eatery, menu in hand. “I don’t even know why I’m looking. I know what I’m going to eat....

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