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Family Dinner
John DeMers | Photography by Julie Soefer | January 5, 2016

Christina Pappas gazes at the picture on the wall, a colorful painting from an old black-and-white family photograph. The four men—brothers, in case you can’t guess by looking at them—are grinning in their tuxes...

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Just a Dash
By Carl Mickelson | December 30, 2015

Remember that acceptance speech Matthew McConaughey gave at the Academy Awards, saying his hero has always been himself “10 years from now,” so he’s always chasing the “unattainable?” Houston Dash midfielder Carli Lloyd can relate...

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Seeking Santa Fe
By Jimmy Im | December 30, 2015

I’m standing in the spa lobby of Four Seasons Resort Rancho Encantado Santa Fe (from $349 per night, suites from $855 per night), which, at midafternoon, is awash in...

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The Next Wave
By Ray Rogers | December 29, 2015

With the poise of a true leading lady, Chloë Grace Moretz has Hollywood taking notice. Still, the glamorous movie star has yet to leave home and remains decidedly young at heart.

In her latest film, the sci-fi thriller The 5th Wave, she takes...

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Back to the Future
By Jeff Gremillion | December 28, 2015

What were you up to in December of 1995? If you were a Houston foodie at the time, it’s likely you were getting excited about Benjy Levit’s brand-new restaurant in Rice Village. Sorry if it makes you feel old...

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The Lexus Leap
By Nate Chapnick | December 28, 2015

With the average age of its customers among the oldest of any automaker, Lexus is courting younger buyers in an effort to keep their brand relevant. The exuberant 2016 RC F sport coupe is just what the...

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Seas the Day
John DeMers | Photography by Debora Smail | December 23, 2015

One of Houston’s most successful restaurant groups, the one that gave us Ibiza more than a dozen years ago, has finally handed us a Gulf Coast seafood restaurant. But if you’re expecting fried shrimp, you haven’...

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The Next List
By The Editors, with reporting by Carl Mickelson & Daniel Renfrow | December 23, 2015

In an era in which craft brews and comfort food are chic, Sean Jamea offers something new in nightlife—glamour!

Nightlife in Houston can...

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The Hit List: High-Rise Haute
Robin Barr Sussman | December 18, 2015

Woof! Sims Luxury Builder’s Aurora (4906 Tilbury Dr.) will break ground soon, featuring 16 modern stories with a lobby library, dog run and pet-grooming area. Four units will be penthouses of about 6...

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The Hit List: Ho-Ho-Ho Holiday Dining!
Robin Barr Sussman | December 15, 2015

Still-new B&B Butchers (1814 Washington Ave., 713.862.1814) will be open on Christmas Eve for lunch and dinner, and guests can order from the regular menu. For take-out, there is a...

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The Hit List: New Year Cheer
Alyssa Smith | December 11, 2015

At Artisans (3201 Louisiana St., 713.529.9111), a special five-course menu includes foie gras terrine, beef Wellington and baked brie—plus two Champagne toasts. $120 per person.

Ring in...

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Rock Steady
By William Michael Smith | December 9, 2015

You’re a very recognizable celebrity. Do you feel free to run around Houston without security?
We just get out there and do what we got to do. We thought the beard and glasses were a clever disguise, but it seems as if...

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