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Dramatic Entrance
By Bonnie Davidson | October 19, 2016

Fifty-two panes of thick, triple-laminated glass and 16 fin-shape beams made of carbon fiber—a superlightweight, superstrong material most often used in the aerospace industry and the construction of Formula One race cars—...

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Relaxed Luxury
By Zlata Kozul Naumovski | October 17, 2016

Graceland West—it may sound elegant and glamorous, yet the 6,000-square-foot single-family home on a spacious corner lot in one of Chicago’s most desirable neighborhoods is anything but. And that’s perfectly okay with...

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Trees of Life
By Thomas Connors | October 17, 2016

The term “tree hugger” can be a badge of honor, and you don’t have be a charter member of the Sierra Club or a Greenpeace activist to fit the bill. Take the case of this Lincoln Park couple: Having lived for years in an 1890s...

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White Light
By Tate Gunnerson | October 17, 2016

“My client wanted a house that looked like it was on the ocean,” explains Lauren Coburn of the massive renovation of a contemporary manse in Glen Ellyn that she designed for family living with three kids and two large dogs. “The...

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Astounding Abodes
By Bonnie Davidson | July 19, 2016

215 Chrystie
New York City, N.Y.
THE BUZZ Rising 340 feet above the Lower East Side of Manhattan, 215 Chrystie...

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Back to Glamour
By Andrea Mills | July 18, 2016

“Ali always loved this house,” says John Lynch of the historical Victorian home originally built in 1885 in Wicker Park that he and his wife, Ali, bought three years ago. Coincidentally, designer Summer Thornton also loved this house...

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Light House
By Zlata Kozul Naumovski | July 18, 2016

The unapologetically modern home going up in Western Springs, a charming community 15 miles west of Chicago dotted with mature trees, traditional homes and a town butcher, piqued neighbors’ curiosity. It was similar in size and scale to...

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Estate of Grace
By Tate Gunnerson | July 18, 2016

“These clients wanted to bring a piece of the city to the suburbs,” explains interior designer Tracy Hickman of the sprawling French colonial-style house in Hinsdale that she decorated for a software executive and his wife, and...

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Welcome Home
By Tate Gunnerson, Laura Hine, Andrea Mills and Jessie Sardina | July 18, 2016

Vista Tower residences and the Wanda Vista Hotel will undeniably change the face of Lakeshore...

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Natural Habitats
By Ayesha Khan | July 18, 2016

When Barry Sternlicht, the chairman and CEO of Starwood Capital Group, formed 1 Hotels, a new brand of SH Group, he knew exactly what was missing from the market: luxury hotels that are also...

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Setting the Pace
By Andrea Mills | July 14, 2016

If being the only local architect chosen to propose a design for the future Obama Presidential Center in Chicago’s South Side is cause for added pressure, or bravado, John Ronan certainly doesn’t let it show. A Harvard grad who has...

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Wall to Wall
By Jessie Sardina | July 14, 2016

Despite popular advice, gallerist Monique Meloche has no interest in leaving work at the office. When she locks the doors of her namesake Ukrainian Village gallery and makes the short jaunt home, it’s quite possible her evening plans will include...

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