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Beautiful Musings
Brandy Kraft | July 14, 2014

Modern master Yigal Ozeri, best known in the world of photorealism for his allegorical portraits of women in natural environments, has turned his artistic gaze toward Chicago. His exquisite series, Photorealism in the Digital Age,...

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Trading Places
Katie Anne Orr | July 14, 2014

Being the great magician that it is, Chicago can take on all different shapes and sizes for those who inhabit it, conjuring different memories. For two Aspen dwellers who met at the Board of Trade some years ago, those memories include the seduction...

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Masters of the House
Maile Pingel | July 14, 2014

Lurin, St. Barts, French West Indies
Price Upon Request
THE LOWDOWN With a prime location atop Lurin’s Lotissement Andres neighborhood, this singular residence has no shortage of light...

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Over the Top
Beth Weitzman | July 14, 2014

Having traveled the world—staying at many a luxury villa along the way—my “wow” standards are, needless to say, quite high. But, sauntering into Villa Manzu, nesting in the...

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Home, Away
Diana Bitting, Tate Gunnerson & Hannah Cole | July 14, 2014

"Work hard, play hard;" the motto of many a stoic Chicagoan. But certain seasons require a plane ticket to play out-of-doors, so we visit five vacation destinations owned by area residents—all turned from...

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Big Picture
Diana Bitting | July 14, 2014

Modernists rejoice: You’ve got another convert. Len Goodman, a criminal defense attorney, fully intended on a traditional Victorian-style gray stone home to rise from the plot of land he purchased in Lakeview across from Lincoln Park. But once Dan...

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Climbing High
Jessica Cochran | April 11, 2014

Inside the walls of Chicago’s ubiquitous yet nondescript artist studio buildings (they function something like art-world speakeasies), hundreds of artists make and moonlight in thriving independent communities. One of the newest, Stairway...

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Hello, Pirch!
Barri Leiner Grant | April 11, 2014

You’ve been beckoned to the ’burbs on a Friday evening during rush hour, so you know it’s got to be good. An intimate list of industry insiders, including designers, architects and style-makers, has been gathered. A behind-the-...

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State of the Art, Antiques & Architecture
Diana Bitting, Hannah Cole and Korey Huyler | April 11, 2014


The Showman
For artist Adam Siegel, 2014 is all about...

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Close Encounters
Korey Huyler | April 11, 2014

You never know what you’ll encounter these days when someone knocks on your front door. It could be Girl Scouts, campaign pollsters or someone volunteering to shovel your driveway. For Thomas Roszak, the strangers knocking on the door of...

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Clean Slate
Kevin Aeh | April 11, 2014

You know that scene on reality makeover shows where they have the big reveal at the end of the episode? The way Jennie Bishop (of the newly formed design company Studio GILD, formerly of Jennie Bishop Design) describes how she presented this finished four-...

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