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G-Rated Libations
By Bonnie Davidson | April 27, 2015

1. The NoMad Bar’s Soft Cocktails
Crafted with as much attention to detail as any spirit-heavy concoction on the menu, The NoMad Bar’s Soft Cocktails ($8)...

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Outsider Art
By Vanessa Karalis | April 20, 2015

Central Park: Tatiana Trouve, Desire Lines
Through August 30

Upon witnessing this whimsically designed structure, the most difficult question to answer is how...

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Take a Walk!
By Ryan Feuer | April 14, 2015

1. Battery Park Waterfront
Visitors to the Battery Park waterfront walkway can roam among 75,000 square feet of gardens, a number of monuments and memorials, and—a nod at its lower-...

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A Match Made in Heaven
By Frank DiLella | April 7, 2015

DHP: I’ve died and gone to heaven with this show. We’ve done this a few times now, where I’m the director and you’re the actress. We started this project four years ago, right?

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Icon Index: Walter Cronkite
By The Editors | April 7, 2015

Year of Cronkite’s birth. He was born near Kansas City, Mo.; his family moved to Houston when he was 10. He died in July 2009 at the age of 92.

Age Cronkite began...

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Right on the Money
By Remar Sutton | April 7, 2015

According to a 2014 Pew Research Center study, millennials are the first generation to have higher levels of debt, poverty and unemployment, and lower levels of wealth and personal income than the two preceding generations had at the same...

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Toro with the Home Boys
Gael Greene | Photography by Dominic Perri | April 6, 2015

It’s no longer about, Can I afford it? It’s about, What can I do to get in? Who do I have to know? How far ahead must I call? The connected and the entitled—sushi sycophants and the acolytes who...

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Beauty in a Blink
By Kathryn Maier | April 6, 2015

1. Manicube
Too busy to get to the nail salon? Manicube’s manicurists will come right to your office, with normal shape-and-polish services as brief as 15 minutes. ...

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2015 Salon & Stylist Awards
By Camille Hunt, Beth Landman and Yelena Shuster | April 6, 2015

{ Best On-Trend Nail Salon }

Former beauty editor Eleanor Langston nails edgy runway trends and glittering...

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Urbane Gentlemen
By Ray Rogers | April 6, 2015

Pietro Beccari, CEO and chairman, Fendi
Take one of the world’s most obsessed-over luxury brands and make it even more desirable. That was the mission entrusted to...

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Third Degree With… Chita Rivera
By The Editors | April 6, 2015

Which five iconic figures would be at your dream dinner party?
Pope Francis (at the head of the table), Mother Teresa, Michael Jordan, my mother and Dom DeLuise

Favorite role to date?...

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