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Any Way You Slice It, A Rainbow
Gael Greene | Photo by Bill Milne | December 23, 2014

It was opening-day brunch at the new uplifted Rainbow Room after it was closed five years ago for rehab and, as far as I’m concerned, it...

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White Hot
Cristina Cuomo | December 23, 2014

Tell me about your mutual fascination with food. How did that grow? 
Dave Zinczenko: We come from different places. Dan started off as a fine-dining enthusiast with a penchant for elegant wines, and I started as a...

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Night Fever
James Servin | December 23, 2014

Just outside the Shakespeare and Company bookstore in Paris, filmmaker Steve Clark, his newly purchased copy of Henry Miller: The Paris Years in hand, pauses to photograph a poster of a poem titled “The Harmony of Paradoxes.” “...

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Artist Inclined
Suzanne Gannon | December 23, 2014

In a nondescript building roughly 45 miles north of the Manhattan office where he amassed a fortune at the global commodities conglomerate founded by his great-grandfather Leopold, William Louis-Dreyfus has consolidated a sprawling collection of art...

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Collecting Thoughts
Thomas P. Farley | December 23, 2014

Partner, Mnuchin Gallery, 45 E. 78 St.

What attracted you to a career in the art world?...

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And You'll Be Reading...
The Editors | December 19, 2014

If you enjoy essays...
Collection of Sand by Italo Calvino ($14, Mariner Books)
“This new collection of essays by the beloved Italian writer is translated into English for the first time...

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Holiday Sparklers
Kathryn Maier | December 19, 2014

Best with Food 
Vilmart & Cie Grand Cellier
“This is a beautiful all-rounder from a top Grower Champagne. Vilmart’s wines are about finesse and texture, which makes them work ...

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Pop-Up Stars
Kathryn Maier | December 15, 2014

1. Bandier
The store imports its Southampton style—including the trademark affirmation quotes and “bra bar”—along with the luxe fitness wear that’s earned it a...

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Home Is Where the Art Is
Pamela Fiori | December 12, 2014

Gorgeous statuesque Swedish blonde. The very words are intimidating to petite brunettes (like me). Then I met Christine “Chris” Mack. While I wouldn’t make a habit of being photographed standing next to her, sitting...

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Patrons of the Arts
Produced by Pamela Fiori | December 12, 2014

The Antiques King

Arie Kopelman is a man who savors life. He loved being an advertising executive, relished his position as chairman of Chanel USA and is as...

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Third Degree With… Patricia Clarkson
The Editors | December 11, 2014

What’s been your hardest role to date?
Wendy in Learning to Drive. It’s one of my hardest roles and was one of the hardest movies to get made. It stars a middle-aged woman...

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Editor's Note: December 2014
Cristina Cuomo | December 11, 2014

It was late August and I was about to head back for my sophomore year at Cornell. We met at a prestigious horse show, the Hampton Classic in Bridgehampton. Fiori was an instant inspiration. Not only was she as elegant as...

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