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Lady Luck
Scott Huver | April 24, 2014

“Yeah, I feel lucky right now,” muses Kate Mara sanguinely from a corner table at an eatery in Los Angeles’ Larchmont district, as she contemplates her good fortune. “Even when I don’t have a ton of work, I am always just really happy [...

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Summer Hours
Scott Bunze | April 18, 2014

1. Chatham Bars Inn, Chatham, Mass.
For those looking for a change of scenery, Cape Cod offers understated New England charm. A favorite of the Bostonian elite for decades, the former...

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Bloom Town
Ana Jean Healy | April 9, 2014

1. New York Botanical Gardens
With 250 acres of lush landscape this National Historic Landmark is the premier location to observe hundreds of species of native and exotic flowers. Take guided tours through...

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The Men of Manhattan
The Editors | April 3, 2014

1. Ross Bleckner
Artist Ross Bleckner presents a new suite of paintings with his latest self-titled show at Mary Boone Gallery in Chelsea. The works expand on the artist’s...

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Transcendental Inspiration
Bob Roth | April 2, 2014

I love teaching people to meditate. Particularly the skeptics—the ones who say, “Meditation? I don’t believe in that stuff.” Or who tell me, “I’d love to meditate, but I could never do it because my mind...

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Path to Enlightenment
Suzanne Gannon | April 2, 2014

When he arrived in the United States from Australia more than 14 years ago, self-taught lighting designer Nathan Orsman had no idea he’d eventually be running his own business specializing in illuminating the lives, both indoor and outdoor...

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The Editors | April 2, 2014


Duggal Greenhouse, Brooklyn

Though showgoers complained about the far-flung Brooklyn Navy Yard location—and the Uber traffic jams that came with it—Alexander Wang’s...

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River Deep, River High
Gael Greene | Noah Fecks | April 2, 2014

Cool New Yorkers tended to take The River Café for granted, even back when cool meant chilly and hip meant cool. A few incurable romantics, competing with well-heeled tourists, might seek...

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Getting In On The Act
Anne Marie O’Connor and Ray Rogers | April 1, 2014

Josh Charles
Good Wife, New Life

The Good Wife fans were shocked last month when Will Gardner was gunned down by an unhinged client. Gardner, the on again, off again partner...

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Editor's Note April 2014
Cristina Cuomo | April 1, 2014

“New York is the concentrate of art and commerce and sport and religion and entertainment and finance, bringing to a single compact arena the gladiator, the evangelist, the promoter, the actor, the trader and the merchant. It...

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Roger That
The Editors | April 1, 2014

“I’m always focused on the relationship between material and shape. For me, the appropriate use of materials is central to the design process. When you start with a particular material [like this Madras Heritage leather], the logical shapes reveal themselves....

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20 Questions With… Debi Mazar
| April 1, 2014

What was your first concert?
Chaka Khan at Madison Square Garden.

How does cooking together make for a good marriage?
It’s fun for us; it’s time well spent. Gabriele ends up...

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