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A Warm Welcome

These five hot spots help fight winter's far-too common cold.

1. Lobby Bar and Lounge at the Bowery Hotel
An old-fashioned ambience and an abundance of aged Scotch imbue an air of intoxicating exclusivity on this downtown hot spot. There’s a fireplace too. Details 355 Bowery, 212.505.9100

2. Lantern’s Keep
At what point does a fireplace become a hearth? We’re not sure either, but Lantern’s Keep in the Iroquois Hotel provides a cozy environment to contemplate this and other mysteries over a modern cocktail in the classic style or a classic cocktail in the modern style. Details 49 W. 44th St., 212.453.4287

3. Peasant
Fire is the name of the game at this Italian eatery. With an open kitchen and a wood-burning oven, Peasant offers a pleasant reprieve from even the worst winter weather. Details 194 Elizabeth St., 212.965.9511

4. Takashi
Chef Takashi Inoue only serves the first, second and fourth stomach of the cow—because one must draw the line somewhere. The grills embedded in each table warm the body and the beef. Exploring new culinary horizons is hot right now, if you can stomach it. Details 456 Hudson St., 212.414.2929

5. Lexington Bar and Books
Kick back and relax with a handcrafted cigar at this Upper East Side lounge. Warm seasonal drinks and a fireplace allows you to thaw in style. Details 1020 Lexington Ave., 212.453.4287