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Par for the Course
By Elissa Rosen | May 29, 2015

Sea Island Resort
Located on the coast of Georgia, Sea Island Resort is home to three championship golf courses and a new high-tech golf performance center for...

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Behind Closed Doors
By Elissa Rosen | May 29, 2015

Password, Please
Buckhead barbecue restaurant Smokebelly has debuted an on-site speakeasy called The Blind Pig Parlour Bar. With its...

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Cool Katz
By Stephanie Smith | May 29, 2015

Those who know 87-year-old artist Alex Katz refer to him as an entertainer— whip smart, fit, intense and dapper, with an incredible work ethic. In fact, he still paints every day and never harbors romantic notions of an anguished artist who struggles...

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A Spirited Beginning
Katie Kelly Bell | Photography by Alex Martinez | May 28, 2015

Old Fourth Distillery, Atlanta’s first distillery since Prohibition, might do for the spirits business what SweetWater Brewing did...

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On Island Time
By Michael McCarthy | May 28, 2015

We’re on the beach dining with a small group, and my wife briefly turns away from a nearby conversation, leans over and kisses me. It’s a quick, passionate strike. There’s meaning behind this rum-punch smooch. Was she caught up in...

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Breaking the Ice
By Phebe Wahl | May 28, 2015

“I think it comes down to preparation,” says Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan when asked to explain his infamous ability to keep cool under pressure. “If you’ve done your work during the week to prepare yourself for a...

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Clothes Minded
By Phebe Wahl | March 5, 2015

“We try to help a guy edit his closet so that he doesn’t need a million things, but that he just needs the right things,” explains Atlanta arbiter Sid Mashburn, whose well-...

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Roman Empire
By Stephanie Davis Smith | March 5, 2015

Sprezzatura. The pleasing singsong Italian word means a certain nonchalant elegance. John Meadow lives by it. “Food, fashion and lifestyle—they all intertwine,” says the owner of...

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Six-Figure Saloons
By Nate Chapnick | March 5, 2015

2016 Mercedes-Maybach S600: The Rebirth of Maybach
Move over Karl Benz, Mercedes’ new ultraexclusive luxury sedan ditches the Benz name in favor of Maybach, a brand moniker that was last used for Mercedes-...

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Hog Wild
By Austin Holt | March 5, 2015

Old-school Woodfire Grill devotees and Gunshow fans of today, take heed. On March 31, culinary mastermind and Top Chef alumnus Kevin Gillespie is releasing unto the world a tome that could very well go down as the be-all and end-all reference guide to...

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Bon Appétit!
Wendell Brock | Photography by Heidi Geldhauser | March 4, 2015

A lady in a classic navy dress and a strand of pearls walks into a fashionable French bistro and orders a Gibson, a martini-style drink garnished with pickled onions instead of olives. Soon a flummoxed server appears...

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Inner Strength
By Warren Weitzman with contributions by Beth Weitzman | March 4, 2015

As the go-to retreat for the frenzied, harried, hypertense and otherwise overworked jet-setters, Chiva-Som (said to mean “haven of life”), one of...

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