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Purpose Driven
Ayesha Khan | September 25, 2014

Lewiston prides itself on being the second largest town in Maine, but it is typical of New England—red-bricked and lined with church steeples. But as ordinary as the town may seem, famed native son Patrick Dempsey—who overcame dyslexia, excelled...

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The Pop-Up Phenomenon!
Germaine Benson | September 19, 2014

1. Shoe Savvy
Miamians rejoice! The Brazilian-based footwear brand Melissa has set up its second pop-up shop in Coral Gables (the first is still...

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Everything Zen
Germaine Benson | September 15, 2014

1. And Breathe...
The Zen sanctuary that is Exhale Miami offers the perfect yoga platform to power up, flow, chill and transform the body. The center’s Exhale Power Yoga class blends...

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Dog-Day Afternoons!
Germaine Benson | September 5, 2014

1. Making Waves
Pooches love the sand, and at Hobie Beach, along the Rickenbacker Causeway, they are welcomed to peruse the sand and take as many dips...

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The Art of the Mix
Anetta Nowosielska | September 3, 2014

The popularity and enviable customer loyalty of Intermix has been a model of success for multibrand retailers since the store first came on the scene in 1993. Twenty-one years later, what...

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Bright Young Things
Drew Limsky | September 3, 2014

When Meredith and Yuri Xavier decided to join forces in business as well as in life, they did it, as the characters in American Hustle would say, “from the feet up.” Meredith founded the lighting design distributor...

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Wynwood Wonder
Jen Karetnick | Photography by Michael Pisarri | September 3, 2014

When food connoisseurs get together—whether they’re mere enthusiasts or actual professionals—the talk naturally turns competitive: Who’s had the strangest foodstuff? The most expensive bottle of...

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Heart of the Valley
Beth Weitzman | September 2, 2014

Having vision is a very powerful thing—especially when possessed by a driving force like the late Joan Austin. Having passed away last year at age 81, her legacy lives on through the eco-luxe ...

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Glam Slam
Drew Limsky | September 2, 2014

Nina Magon thinks a great deal about glamour, and when she does, she dwells on two words in particular: Bring it! When the Houston-based interior designer—the president of Contour and star of NBC...

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Women of Style 2014
Kara Franker & Luis R. Rigual | September 2, 2014

In a city of glamazons, standing out from the pack takes true talent. The right outfit and shoes are just the beginning. It’s about attitude... finesse... and a penchant for bending the rules when it comes to fashion. Our...

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Head Over Heels
Isaiah Freeman-Schub | September 2, 2014

“Today is a new day,” declared Nicolas Ghesquière in his show note for his first collection for Louis Vuitton. After he accepted the reins as artistic director of...

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Designed to a "T"
Ayesha Khan | September 2, 2014

It is perhaps one of the greatest ironies in the world of luxury goods that the most preeminent jewelry houses have been historically helmed by men, despite the obvious fact that they mostly cater to women....

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