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Brother Act
Abby Gregory | October 23, 2014

Brothers Brandt and Brady Wood have survived many scars and successes since teaming up in 1988, but their newest venture, Woodhouse, a hospitality, event and marketing firm, launched in October, is already attracting high-profile clients, including...

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The Power of Giving
By The Editors, Alexandria Bauer, Holly Haber and Kim Pierce | October 23, 2014

Jenny Esping Kirtland must have been a juggler in a former life. How else can one explain her adroit management of two preteens, a record...

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Get in the Spirit With Seasonal Cocktails
Alexandria Bauer | October 21, 2014

1. J. Black’s Feel Good Kitchen & Lounge
‘Tis the season of comfort foods and sweets, so belly up the bar...

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Pencil This In
Alexandria Bauer | October 10, 2014

1. Carte Blanche Exhibition
In light of the Hermès Dallas temporary store opening, a whimsical Carte Blanche exhibition of paper art displays will be on view at the boutique...

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Some Like It Hot
Alexandria Bauer | October 3, 2014

1. The Joule Hotel
Tea at Taschen, The Joule Hotel’s champagne tea service, is the ideal setting for any tea experience. Their unique blends of...

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Oak's Back in the Game
Rachael Abrams | Photography by Jill Broussard | September 25, 2014

Though perfection is rarely attainable, it meanders through every element of Oak since Brian Zenner took the reins as executive chef. The...

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Wild Side
Rebecca Sherman | September 25, 2014

Cory Pope is known for chasing down amazing, under-the-radar talent to bring into his Dallas showroom. Case in point: An L.A. friend introduced him to Malibu-based Byford and...

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Nadia Dabbakeh | September 25, 2014


Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center

In celebration of its 25th anniversary, the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center welcomed 25 of Dallas’ most popular...

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A Night (and Day) at the Opera
Steve Carter | September 25, 2014

A Dallas Opera production of Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro is always cause for celebration, but as 2014-15’s Heights of...

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Sky Captain
Mike Espindle | September 25, 2014

As the new flagship business jet from Gulfstream, the G650 is, to say the least, truly top flight. The designers intent was to create a hallmark aircraft, one for the history books, by leveraging aeronautic science, next-generation materials,...

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Purpose Driven
Ayesha Khan | September 25, 2014

Lewiston prides itself on being the second largest town in Maine, but it is typical of New England—red-bricked and lined with church steeples. But as ordinary as the town may seem, famed native son Patrick Dempsey—who overcame...

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Epicurean Adventure
Beth Weitzman | September 25, 2014

Paradise can be described as a state of delight—and for anyone who appreciates good food, fine wine and breathtaking oceanfront resorts, it can also be defined as Cayman...

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