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Agency Provocateur

There’s a new guard in town; and no, they’re not attempting to oust the old one.

Dragonfly models Karl Drexel and Olivia Vandenberg channel “Bonnie and Clyde.”

Adding a little spice to the modeling scene are Stasia Langford—a Brit with 20 years of experience at agencies such as LA Models, Next, and locally, brief stints at Paige and Campbell; and Leah Macaulay—a Dallasite who earned her business marketing and telecommunications chops at bigwigs like AT&T and Sprint. Together, they opened the Design District doors of the Dragonfly Agency ( last September with, as they laugh, “a bit of naïveté.” Langford shares: “We thought we’d open the doors and models would flock in with these great books.” Not the case, so the ladies took it into their own hands, marshaling the creative energy of hair and makeup artists, stylists, photographers and models they represented to create their own test sessions—shoots that look like they’ve been pulled from the pages of a magazine, rather than the bland test shots of yore. “The best feedback we’ve gotten,” they say, “is from other agencies saying, ‘Wow, this doesn’t look like a test’ or, ‘This doesn’t look super Dallas; it could be from anywhere,’ which is important to us because modeling is international now.” With models from LA and Portland to Hong Kong and back to Dallas, they certainly are proving it. As for the city where they’ve set up shop: “Dallas has been tough; clients have habits, favorites and certain agencies on speed dial, and we respect that… but we’re proving that we’re here to stay, says Langford.” Jan Strimple has cast a model for Fashion’s Night Out sight unseen.