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Chocolatier Kate Weiser dishes on Trinity Groves, Phil Romano and those bijoux-like bonbons of which we can't get enough.

Exquisite to the eye, a bomb of amazing sweet flavor on the tongue—Kate Weiser's gorgeous chocolate confections have been tantalizing us visually and gastronomically for months. The tiny works of edible art sold at Eatzi's, Ascension Coffee and the DMA's gift shop are almost too pretty to eat; but we can't resist luscious flavors like Key lime pie, peanut brittle, strawberry basil and buttery popcorn. There are more temptations on the horizon as Weiser will soon set up shop as chocolatier-in-residence at Trinity Groves.

The 28-year-old landed a job as an executive pastry chef straight out of California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, then worked with James Beard Award-winning chef Colby Garrelts and his pastry-chef wife, Megan, before coming to Dallas in 2009. At Chocolate Secrets in Highland Park, Weiser was given carte blanche to create chocolates of all sorts. After four years with the shop, she began to hear the siren song of launching her own label. Serendipitously, she connected with Trinity Groves' Phil Romano, Stuart Fitts and Butch McGregor, who agreed to back her in a shop at the restaurant incubator development. Her partners have been guiding her during the construction phase of the kitchen and retail space, allowing Weiser more time to focus on developing products made with the painted and molded technique that lends itself to the breathtaking abstract designs that have become her signature. "Their mentoring has been amazing," she said. "It's like starting your own business with training wheels and someone to assure you that you can do it."

Along with colorful bonbons, the shop will offer a full espresso bar, handcrafted candy bars and ice cream. "Everything's coming together. It's so exciting to see!" We agree. Come late this summer, when Weiser's spot opens, a visit to Trinity Groves is going to be even sweeter.

Weiser's Hots
Sweets ("They've always been my thing."), Sunday brunch at any place that serves a breakfast pastry basket ("My husband, T.J., and I go every weekend."), Ascension lattes and the men who serve them ("I'd be grumpy in the morning without them."), rib cage tattoos ("I just love 'em!")

Weiser's Nots
Clutter ("I can't stand it. I try to stay organized."), getting kicked in the face by my golden retriever who sleeps in the bed ("always at 3AM"), living far away from my family ("They're in New Orleans. I miss them."), unreliable air conditioning ("a chocolatier's worst nightmare")