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A reflective moment for a budding artist.


Downtown Dallas

For 23-year-old budding photographer Arika Porras, the partial image of a figure reflected in a window downtown isn’t just an interesting shot, it’s a reflection of her inner self. “At first, what caught my eye was the painting,” says Porras. “Then a man with a briefcase walked by and made it even better. He’s washed out, so you only see the half with the briefcase—his 9-to-5 half.” The chest and head are lost inside the painting, “where his heart and soul are,” she adds. The metaphor hit home with Porras, who dropped out of her restaurant and hotel management studies at University of Texas to travel and take pictures. “I wasn’t happy. I’d always had this fear I’d get trapped in a 9-to-5 job after graduation. It’s a fear I’ve had since I was young,” she says. So, in May 2013, she hopped a bus with her Sony A230 camera in tow, and for the next six months, she photographed throughout the northeast, Canada and Alaska. In mid-July, she’s headed solo to Mexico and South America to shoot. “I’ve found my calling—I love being on the road.”