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Brad Woy’s the financial wizard for many of Dallas’ high-end restaurants.

Brad Woy at Cedars Social

In the glitzy, glam world of Dallas’ high-end restaurants, there are the celebrity chefs. And then there’s everything else—kitchen, staff, details that keep them going. Brad Woy knows exactly where he belongs. “I do the boring stuff back there,” the married father of two says with a laugh. “The unglamorous stuff. The payroll, the electricity. The stuff no one really wants to think about.”

Six years ago, Woy created Express Working Capital, recently renamed CapRock Services, which helps restaurants get—and remain—off the ground. The SMU alum works with such big-name restaurants as Nick & Sam’s, Stephan Pyles and Spoon Bar and Kitchen. (Woy owns Spoon.) “These guys like Stephan and [Spoon’s] John Tesar are artists,” says Woy, who describes himself as a “foodie.” He realizes that he can offer the counterbalance and infusions of cash that creative types need. “These guys need the financially savvy helping them. They can’t let money slip out the back door.”

It’s easy to see that Woy loves his job—and the front door entree to Dallas’ hottest boites that it brings. The Coppell resident burns up the highway daily and nightly to visit his clients, oftentimes grabbing dinner at work. (Who wouldn’t enjoy the best tables at the best restaurants in Dallas whenever you want it?) But Woy keeps it real, he promises—and points to his resume as proof. “The only other time I’ve worked in a restaurant, it was a converted Dairy Queen in high school,” he reveals with a laugh. “I was the maitre d’. I know I’ve come a long way.”

Woy’s Hots
Uber, Fluent concierge service, Smyth bar, Bowl & Barrel bowling alley and tavern, Trinity Groves, Texas Rangers, Wi-Fi on airplanes

Woy’s Nots
Taxicabs, wearing a tie, traditional work hours, chain restaurants, bacon, gourmet burgers