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Jet-Set Vet

Stefanie Kronemeyer Coppel, founder of luxury travel site Posh Voyage (, is a jet-set whiz; her concierge service provides everything from recommendations on the most exclusive hotels, restaurants, shops and museums in the world, to bespoke itineraries for a stress-free vacation that caters to your every travel whim. As we start planning our summer getaways, we turn to the expert for her favorite destinations and must-haves. 

Stefanie Kronemeyer Coppel 

Valextra Avietta 48-hour, 

Cabo San Lucas—there is something about this Mexican town that oozes both tranquility and natural beauty. I would stay at a private beach house in Capella Pedregal, go paddle boarding to Lovers Beach, have a decadent lunch at Nick San and dinner at Flora Farm.

North Island Hotel in the Seychelles—this off-the-beaten-path island is barefoot luxury at its best. I am currently planning my own honeymoon, and this would be my ideal spot for a private and romantic getaway.

Chanel Sublimage eye cream, $200, Neiman Marcus