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Savvy Shama

Shama Kabani creates a way to monetize social media where others fear to tread. Interior design better watch out.

Shama Kabani

Shama Kabani comes with a lot of numbers. 30,000 (that’s Twitter followers), 215,000 (that’s Facebook fans) and 30 (that’s employees at the north Texan’s social media strategy and digital PR firm, The Marketing Zen Group).And 28. That’s her age.

“I used to hide my age when I started my firm just after getting my master’s at UT Austin,” Kabani says with a laugh. “I was like, ‘Oh, God, what if they find out how old I am?’ I’m definitely a young entrepreneur.” But companies such as Haggar and major Dallas events like the Turkey Trot, who turn to Kabani for online exposure,  probably aren’t too worried about her younger-than-30 status. They’re smart enough to know it’s an asset. Kabani has realized that, too. “I know that my clients get that I understand the nature of the business. I’m a digital native. But I hope they don’t expect me to speak in emoticons!”

She might be kidding, but Kabani’s success after four years in business is no joke. She’s got the good clients and the book that brings them in—The Zen of Social Media Marketing. Now she just needs sleek offices. Kabani leads her team through their virtual spaces every day from her house in Frisco. That ever-tweeting team—“They’re fairly young, too,” Kabani confesses—are spread out all over the world. “People ask me where our office is and I say, ‘the cloud.’ And they’re like, ‘Is that in Uptown?’” But, truth is, that whole no-office thing is working great for Kabani, as she’s often all over the world. When we finally tracked her down on Facebook, she was prepping for a conference in Kuwait, followed by a visit to clients in Namibia.

Look for her in the clouds.

Kabani’s Hots
Compassion for others, being an autodidact, the History Channel, hot chocolate, Twitter, poetry by Rumi, my husband, the spa at The Ritz-Carlton Dallas

Kabani’s Nots
Drama-based reality shows, being interrupted while reading, indecision, Spam, lack of gratitude, vulgarity, unprofessionalism