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Join in a Champagne toast above Hanalei Bay before frolicking at the Honolulu Festival.

6:15 pm

The St. Regis Princeville Resort, Kaua‘i

One of the most distinctive features of The St. Regis properties is the nightly ceremonial Champagne sabering. But perhaps few locations have such a spectacular backdrop as The St. Regis Princeville, a fact discovered by amateur photographer Christine Adams during a recent sojourn to the Garden Island. Looking for a perfect photo opportunity—Adams is an avid Instagrammer—the Northern California resident joined other guests on the terrace off the hotel’s sumptuous bar to witness a sunset tradition that dates back to Napoleonic times. In a fell swoop, the sommelier deftly sabered off the top of the bottle. Windswept Hanalei Bay only added to the drama of the moment. Details of 21st century culture aside, the heroic pose, combined with the crashing waves and misty clouds in the distance, seems to evoke a scene straight out of a 19th century romantic painting. As images go, Adams was certainly satisfied. “I’m learning photography and was happy I caught the moment!” she says.