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Relive Bruno Mars' high-energy Honolulu performance.


Blaisdell Arena, Honolulu

Ever since Bruno Mars’ knockout performance at the Super Bowl halftime show in February, this island-born talent has proved that he is well on his way toward superstar status. With a spontaneous, high-energy presence on stage, this turbo-charged dynamo has mesmerized audiences. An unmistakable air of excitement permeates the shots capturing Mars onstage, and this image, taken right on his home turf, is no exception. Amateur photographer Crissy Terawaki Kawamoto, a project coordinator at the University of Hawai‘i Cancer Center, scored the chance to attend the first of three sold-out shows of Mars’ Moonshine Jungle tour at the Blaisdell Arena. “There was so much going on in the surrounding two or three minutes,” she says of the pyrotechnic-display finale. “It was serious sensory overload!” But that didn’t stop Kawamoto from reaching for her camera at just the right time. “I could barely distinguish his silhouette among the sparks, yet I knew that something incredible was happening,” she says.