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Carl Larson lives in downtown Evanston and enjoys walking through Fountain Square. After he’d taken a picture when the Christmas tree was up last winter, he planned on coming back in the spring to take a shot when the fountains were operating.


Fountain Square, Evanston

“Evanston turns the fountains on Memorial Day weekend, and then I had to wait a few days for good weather before going out to shoot,” he says. But Game 7 of the Hawks/Flyers series was also on TV that night. “I compromised by sacrificing the second period and walking [to Fountain Square] to do a little photography and still make it back home for the exciting Blackhawks win.”

For this shot, Larson took about two dozen shots from the same camera position at various aperture and shutter speed levels. “The final photo is a composite from parts of five different shots—one with the best car motion, one for the sky and trees when there was little motion, one small aperture shot for the star bursts in the lights, one with the best fountain motion and lighting and one for the buildings.”