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In preparation for a trip to Sable Island (near Nova Scotia) to photograph wild horses, Jeff Goldberg attended Lipizzan horse training and performances at Tempel Farms.

“The shows demonstrate the precision, grace and athleticism of Lipizzan horses and their rider/trainers,” says Goldberg. In the highly anticipated “Airs Above the Ground” segment of the program, the stallions performed several movements originally developed for medieval battle, including a dressage movement called the capriole, in which the horse leaps into the air and, at the peak of his leap, kicks out his hind legs. “I was specifically trying to get a good photograph of the capriole by following the horse around the ring,” says Goldberg. “I was just concentrating on making sure the horse was in focus at all times, and I was ready to shoot when he leaped. It all came together well.”