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Amazing light trails at the Baha’i Temple in Wilmette


Baha’i Temple, Wilmette

As the sun was setting, hobbyist photographer Michael McCawley parked his camera in front of the Baha’i Temple—one of his favorite spots on the North Shore. He originally wanted to capture the temple with the colors of the sunset as its backdrop. Surprisingly, McCawley’s favorite photo was shot at dusk. “The sunset didn’t really give me anything interesting,” he says. “But I discovered that I could capture some nice light trails from the spot, so I stayed until after it got dark.” Then, McCawley heard emergency vehicle sirens. “Sure enough, I saw its flashing lights coming down around the bend,” he remembers. “I already had a 15-second shutter speed set on my camera and fired it off right when the emergency truck came into view, and it gave me those colorful patterned light trails as it went past.”