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Garden Party

Add exceedingly gracious to the attributes of the extraordinary Cathy Busch of Winnetka.

Cathy Busch inside Chicago Botanic Garden greenhouse

Sotheby executive, former press secretary to President and Mrs. Ronald Regan, philanthropist and devoted wife and mother. Busch grants us a rare interview to talk about her ardent support of the Chicago Botanic Garden’s annual gala and Antiques & Garden Fair (April 19-21, 

You and your husband Michael have been hands-on supporters of the Botanic Garden for nearly a decade. Why?
We’re involved with this magical place because we’re emotionally invested in its beauty, programs and research. We visit often with our children all year round. Sometimes we go for the peacefulness or exercise, but most often for the beauty, which lifts our spirits.

What is your role in this year’s Antiques & Garden Fair?
I am privileged to be collaborating  with Donna LaPietra, Jane O’Neil, Peggy Swartchild, Susan Canmann and Jen Kasten this year, which features our largest speaker series yet and one of our strongest roster of dealers.

What makes this annual gala one not to miss?
For so many, the fair unofficially launches the spring season. It’s an opportunity to step out after a long winter, put on spring colors, gaze at beautiful objects and, best of all, reconnect with great friends.