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Got Stuff? Spring Cleaning 101

Spring is the season of April showers, impossible-to-resist spring fashion and perhaps the anticipation of a new abode. We’ve rounded up some experts to help you emerge fresh and clutter free.

Edrop-off, Corri McFadden’s empire

Drop and Shop!
Designer consignment, local and nationwide pickup, personal shopping—Corri McFadden, founder of eDrop-Off ( makes closet cleanout and consignment easier than ever. In eight short years, her business has grown to consigning 2,500 items per week with a sell-through rate of 98 percent.

With her keen eye for fashion and value, the business-savvy McFadden has erased the stigma attached to consignment. “It’s about being smart with what you have. The economy has clicked with people,” she says. “And you don’t need seven Chanel bags in the same color. When you are done with it, you can create disposable income for a new bag you need this season.”

McFadden says that the most common problem with her North Shore customers is using multiple closets throughout the house for storage space. “We’ve seen our North Shore clients take over every room in the house,” says McFadden. “It makes getting dressed a real task.”

The best part is that McFadden and her crew comes to you—no lugging heavy clothes on hangers or in bags to your SUV and then schlepping downtown. You’ll actually look forward to the eDrop-Off experts arriving, sorting through your designer threads for you and helping you let go of those out-of-season duds with confidence so you can shop for some of the newest trends. “When we show up, you feel like we are your girlfriends and you’re excited to see us. We’re not an interruption to your day,” says McFadden.

Lucky for us, she hinted a new pop-up shop on the North Shore might be in the works. To those still on the fence about consignment, McFadden says: “All your friends are doing it, you just may not know it!”

Downsizing Made Easy
Tackling the problem of a home’s clutter is only one aspect of CMF Transitional Organization’s ( full suite of services that helps clients reorganize their entire homes in preparation for sale, and often, downsizing. Owner Claudia McLaughlin says that her process is all about editing, “We like to see a client’s home as their personal museum that holds only their most cherished items.” Once those have been identified, CMF facilitates the sale of unneeded items to prepare clients for fresh start.

Claudia’s Tips:
• Evaluate your next lifestyle to help divest yourself of unneeded items.
• Keep a few beautiful pieces, and let us sell the others.

Mud Room Chic
If it’s been a while since you checked out California Closets’ ( extensive line of custom closet and organization solutions, it’s time for a look-see at the ever-evolving line of products and services. They even tackle those tough family areas that can easily become a clutter catastrophe, including mudrooms and garages. “Mudrooms or entryways can quickly become an eyesore,” says the company’s sales and marketing manager Lisa Cote.

Lisa’s tips:
• Keeping shoes off the ground will make the space seem less cluttered and will create a home for footwear so it is visible and organized.
• If you have the space, build in a seat for easy shoe changing.

Closet Purge
Let Eric Himel ( into your closet and you’ll be able to walk out next time wearing a chic outfit that looks like you’ve just stepped out of your very own boutique. How does he do it? Himel comes to your house and does some tough-love weeding through your fashion do’s and don’ts until he’s whittled it down to a distinct collection of favorites. “Your closet should be physically organized and visually pleasing,” says Himel.

Eric’s Tips:
• Separate your closet into things that work, things that don’t and things that can be salvaged through alterations.
• Edit your clothes based on what color and cut fits your body and what is age-appropriate.