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The Ducks and the Kings take it outside.


Dodger Stadium

When news hit that the Anaheim Ducks would be facing off with the L.A. Kings on an outdoor ice rink at Dodger Stadium during an unseasonably warm winter, pretty much all of Southern California uttered a collective “What?” It was the first time a pro hockey game would be played in an outdoor arena in California. And Chasen Ikiri, who’d been hired to photograph the game for, knew he’d be a witness to sports history. “Seeing more than 50,000 Southern California hockey fans pack Dodger Stadium, one of the most iconic sports venues in the country, was pretty special.” This shot, however, captured a moment of peace and calm. “I took three or four different overview shots of the stadium over Friday and Saturday during different times of the day,” says Ikiri, who snapped this image on Friday evening as the Ducks stretched before a practice session. “Walking through the Top Deck entrance and seeing an NHL ice rink down on the field was amazing.”